The 2012 Royal Ascot is Complete
Please look for the 2013 Royal Ascot early next year.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One more week until the Royal Ascot Contest opens

The Royal Ascot contest opens in just one more week! Your coordinators are working behind the scenes to make this year's contest as successful as it has been in prior years. Did you know that one year, an editor promised contracts to all three finalists in a particular category? Last year, our re-vamped contest resulted in requests for 12 manuscripts.

So, what else is there to love about the Royal Ascot?
1. Judges who love Historicals
2. Broad Exposure: All six finalists are read by all six editors and agents, giving each of our six finalists six chances at requests
3. No chance of being in 6th Place: There will be one winner and five finalists
4. Cash Prizes!

...and so much more.

Still on the fence? Check out these links to the 2012 Contest Rules and the 2012 Contest Score Sheet.

Not able to enter? How about helping us judge? We have a judge's loop for support and instruction.

Judges can choose their categories, and will receive their entries the week of 4/9.  Each judge will receive 4 entries.  Deadline for returns is May 18th.  The entries are a maximum of 7000 words (no synopsis this year).

Sign up here, via Google docs: Judge Sign Up Form

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